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Welcome to Nick's Home Page.

This page has been set up so family and friends of Nick Grooms can follow his progress.  It is a constant work-in-progress as I hope to keep adding more information about Nick.


12/28/06 Update - On 11/16/06 Nick had a surgical follow-up in St. Louis that went very well - so good that he doesn't have to return for 18 months!  On 12/18/06 Nick had an oncology follow-up (5 years after his last chemotherapy treatment) and is now transitioning to non-active follow-up and monitoring.  Many, many thanks go out to James Whitlock and the Vanderbilt Pediatric Oncology department for the wonderful care they provided t Nick.




9/3/05 - Update from Carole on Nick's latest check-up.


6/8/05 - Nick has his halo removed.


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Pictures and Videos


Click here to see the many pictures and videos taken during Nick's visit to St. Louis.


Click here to see pictures from April's surgery trip.


4/12 - Added a couple of videos from today.

Updates from Carole

9/3/05 - New update from Carole.


Click here to read the e-mail updates Carole is sending to the many family and friends of Nick.




Brief History

As many family and friends know, Nick was diagnosed with a condition know as kyphosis in October 2002.  Kyphosis is a forward curving of the spine that causes a bowing of the back, which leads to a hunchback or slouching posture.  After two years of monitoring and seeking multiple physician opinions, it was decided in 2004 that surgery was finally needed after the curvature of Nick's spine had reached 90 degrees. In January of 2005 Nick's spine had reached a 100 degree curvature.  Nick's mom and dad chose Dr. Larry Lenke to perform the surgery.  The process to correct Nick's kyphosis would require three primary surgeries.  In short, Nick will (1) receive a halo which he did on January 6th and be placed in traction for three weeks, (2) undergo surgery on January 27th to attach a metal rod to his spine as well as receive a posterior fusion, and (3) finally a third surgery on April 7, 2005 known as anterior fusion to fuse a particular section of his spine.  You can click here to read more detail about Nick's kyphosis condition and history.

The first surgery which occurred on January 6, 2005 was to apply a halo around Nick's head.  The halo is needed for the three weeks of traction, plus stabilization for the entire correction process.  Surgery to place the halo was done at the Children's Hospital in Saint Louis, then Nick's mom and dad transferred him to the Shriners Hospital also located in Saint Louis.


The second surgery occurred on January 27, 2005 for instrumentation placement and posterior fusion.  You can click here to read details from our stay in St. Louis during this time and click here to see pictures from the visit.


Nick's third surgery for the anterior fusion occurred on April 7, 2005.  You can click here to read details from our stay in St. Louis during this time and click here to see pictures from the visit.



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